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What is the difference between a Hyperbaric chamber (HBOT) and a Hyperbaric chamber (HBOHT)? PART III

The summary:

The comfortable environment of Hyperbaric Health & Spa’s chamber changes the way you can experience oxygen therapy. The additional benefits come from the use of molecular hydrogen. Only Hyperbaric Health & Spa’s chambers can deliver the benefits of Oxygen and Hydrogen simultaneously. Hyperbaric Oxygen-Hydrogen Therapy under pressure, gives superior benefits in comparison to standard HBOT. Spacious and comfortable Hyperbaric chambers offer much more than still available HBOT chambers. The table shows the main differences where clients can benefit from the use of ultra-modern Hyperbaric chambers.

This table shows how modern and comfortable is nowadays use of Hyperbaric Oxygen-Hydrogen Therapy.
It finds a wide range of applications, and the list of benefits can’t cover all of them. Some of the benefits are:

• Reduces inflammation by oxygenating cells
• Improves functioning of the cardiovascular system, reducing pulmonary artery pressure
• Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in epithelia
• Stimulates the regeneration of epithelia (e.g. skin cells)
• Slows down the aging of the cells
• Reduces swelling of damaged tissues
• Accelerates the development of new blood vessels
• Improves fibroblast reproduction and regeneration
• Improves the supply of nutrients even to distant and hypoxic body cells
• Increases the physical and mental capacity of the body and the ability to remember
• Helps eliminate free radicals in the body
• Detoxifies the body with hydrogen
• Fights infections (e.g. those attacking bone tissue)
• Increases the activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts – cells responsible for bone health
• Allows much faster healing of wounds, injuries, and scars.